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Fishing With The World’s Most Expensive Lure! $950 Swimbait!?

Roman Made is best well known for for their bait called the Roman Made Mother, a giant 12″ swimbait that is made out of wood, in Japan, by hand. The Mother has been one of the biggest swimbaits on the market until now. With the new Mother Chaser on the market, the Mother has been dethroned and the Mother Chaser has replaced it. At 16″ long and weighing 22ounces, it is the largest swimbait I personally own. In this video, we take a first hand look at the new swimbait and get an up close look at the bait.

Roman Made:

Shout out to David Swenseid for allowing me to get the bait!
David is the Manager of DUO International. R&D Manager of Realis, a JDM hard bait brand.

Swimbait Underground:


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  1. I'm curious as to what you think of it now being a year later. Have you fished it more, have you caught any on it, or did you retire it?
    That's probably the only bait that I would not throw since it is Number 1.

  2. For what it's worth I'm not sure why you haven't dived into making your own lures. Given your following and influence in SU it wouldn't be hard at all to make a name for yourself! A dremmel and a band saw is all the equipment you would need.

  3. I cringed when you took it out of the box, when you casted it, and when you were just showing it at the end if the video. It made me stress like when my kids are near my Mustang. Hang it up on the wall and convert the original box into a shadow box. What lake was that?

  4. Nice Video, interesting content. I agree with Keylay, what are you trying to catch Bears, Mountain Lions or Sasquatch? Geoff, you REALLY just won me over by simply saying…It's Probably Not Practical but cool to own! I do see an application in Big Deep Waters like The Great Lakes (Trolling). I am a Nebraska Fisherman and we have some Toothy Large Creatures that would love to Bite that thing. Won't be pretty for long though. Personally, I would add weight strips to bottom so that it dove a little. Kind of big for Top Water, asking a lot of the fish to come get it.

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