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Fishing Ultra-Realistic SWIMBAIT in Crystal CLEAR Water! (LOADED)

In this bass fishing video I go fishing with a realistic swimbait in crystal clear water! Everyone has been asking for realistic swimbait video so here ya go! I really love swimbait fishing because you never know what you’re going to catch! Have you ever went swimbait fishing? Have you ever thrown a bluegill swimbait? Have you ever went fishing in crystal clear water? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / swimbait fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the swimbait bass fishing videos / crystal clear water videos? Now lets go catch some bass while fishing this bluegill swimbait in crystal clear water!

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  1. One thing I notice is you don't use conventional wisdom with your colors. I'd never have a lure that bright in clear water. It looks like you started catching fish when you finally got out into darker water with lower visibility.

  2. Noah, if possible could you tell us, the date thevidwas shot, and the water, and weather conditions. This would help beginner bassers (like me) learn which baits to use, and when.
    Really enjoying your vids, thanks.

  3. hey man, I live in Chattanooga, and since the water is still down here at Chickamauga, I've been fishing a pond. And I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for showing me and us the Sixth Sense hybrid jig. This year's the first year I've caught anything on a jig black and blue hybrid with a rage tail, I'm already catching four pounders. Would love to fish with you and get some other tips. I'll be starting fishing videos on my channel very soon, and two of those fish are on GoPro ready to be edited. I hope it's okay to tag you in my description? Got to give you some credit for real.

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