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Fishing the CAPE FEAR RIVER for Late Winter BASS (Best Day of Bass Fishing in MONTHS)


After my last video where i go out on the Cape Fear to target Striped Bass, I decided to head a couple more miles up the river into some more fresh water to try and target some Largemouth Bass. I thought since we caught a bit of a break from this brutally cold winter we’ve had, the fish might be more active and willing to bite with these warmer temperatures and my predictions seemed to be correct! With my buddy Sam and I getting a late start to the day we went up the first creek arm we found off of the main river and almost immediately started catching fish! The warmer temps definitely seemed to make a difference but we also were fishing it on a falling tide which I believe was more helpful to the bite than the slightly rising temperatures were but the both of them combined made for an awesome afternoon of fishing!


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LAST VIDEO: STRIPER Fishing on the CAPE FEAR RIVER (Wilmington N.C.)



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  1. I’m new to the area. 14 yrs new. Just started back fishing. Got an old sears boat and a small outboard. Question. What type of danger should I be worried about when on the north east cape fear. Have you ever camped on the cape fear ???

  2. Would love to see some content on the cape fear a little further up closer to Leland to see what all you catch, specifically close to the bluffs on the cape fear lol

  3. Dude I’m so glad finally to see some good Cape Fear fishing. My son and I do a lot of Cape Fear fishing in the Gray’s Creek/Fayetteville area. We also head to Jacksonville my oldest son lives there.

  4. I seen you coming in that night at the ramp it was stupid foggy and got foggy quick. I was testing out my new jon boat with my ol lady. Keep doing bass vids on the cape fear video was sick, when they spawn there's some dang nice ones there just gotta find em.

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