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In this video, I fish a day after a big rain, and I find a HUGE SCHOOL of hungry bass, and get bite after bite with a lipless crank bait!

My favorite technique with a lipless is to pull the bait up, and let it fall, and the fish smash it on the fall!

I used my favorite KastKing combo for these fish!
Reel used:
Rod used:

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! stay tuned for more big panfish videos coming up next!


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  1. Wow. You know it’s great fishing when your thumb has had it! I think my head would have exploded if I had caught that hog on the fourth cast. Great video, little bit of reality some good education, and tons of fun. Love it

  2. I was late to the party…..but I have been putting the word out about PigPatrol…..keep advertising the channel guys….let’s push the subs to 10k before the end of the year

  3. Ty, was that a blade bait? Looked super thin. I'm still cullin' thru these ponds on my end of Houston. Haven't found one with aggressive bass, or numbers yet, but the hunt goes on.

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