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Fishing BIG Swimbaits for GIANT River Bass!

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with big swimbaits for giant bass! I love fishing with big swimbaits because you never know when your going to hook a giant bass! Have you ever went swimbait fishing? Have you ever caught a giant bass while fishing big swimbaits? What is your favorite swimbait to throw while bass fishing? What swimbait should I go swimbait fishing with next? What is your biggest bass you’ve caught while swimbait fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / swimbait fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the big swimbait fishing videos / giant bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some giant bass while swimbait fishing!

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  1. are u freakin kidding me Alex…. that looked like an absolute blast. throwing swimbaits that big and getting that many bites from largemouth and smallies is incredible. wow that looked like so much fun.

  2. Gosh darn man . Caleb is a beast and you have been putting some darn good fish in the boat recently yourself . Looks like the fishing is ripe down where you are . Water here is still cold as can be but thankful the smallies are biting . Funny I have been fishing a river myself and rule of thumb is not too big of a weight usually with the swimbaits but with the current you almost have to . So it was good to see you throwing that 3/4 oz head . Hope all is well with the family and you guys are staying safe .

  3. I found your podcast on apple podcasts like last week while I was at work and I have been listening to them almost every day at work now. Because of these podcasts, I also found your YT channel and definitely subscribing.

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