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Fishing BIG $100 Swimbaits In a Clear Water Pond?

Does fishing big Swimbaits work for catching bass in ponds? In this episode, I throw big glidebaits in a clear water pond for some chunky bass! If you wanna pick up my Swimbait rod and reel setup, the link is below! SUBSCRIBE!

Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Rod 8′ XH Magnum Swimbait:
Lew’s Super Duty Wide Speed Spool Casting Reel:


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  1. why do ppl call that kind of fish in them isolated ponds retirement home Fish?.. is it because it's a private pond and u can see the fish and they have been caught repeatedly?

  2. Where about in Central Texas are you? I'm stationed at fort hood and looking to fish more often and there just ain't anybody around that enjoys it. Native Texan here as wellπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. You really just said a Lews combo is a swimbait fishermans dream set up…. come on man. You're tossing a pizza customs around I'd expect you to know that in reality that set up ain't shit. Decent set up by all means but most definitely not a dream set up. Plus 35lb mono is destroying the action of your bait. Thats pretty excessive. Me, and many others, throw even deps250s on 20lb. Like your vids but couldn't resist here.

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