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FIRST Tournament! Kissimmee Chain! (BIG BASS)

Its finally time for the first kayak bass fishing tournament of the year!! The Kissimmee chain down in Flordia, home is big bass and plenty of cover. I included some of my practice here too, to give you guys the whole picture!


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  1. I always struggle when the sun comes out after its been cloudy. I think Iโ€™ve discovered a thing recently though. I keep doing what im doing but i switch to natural and translucent colors when the sun comes out and my bites come back.
    Last Saturday the sun came out for 3 hours. No bites. I was throwing a white and chartreuse spinner bait with gold blades. I swapped to a white with bluegill color with double silver blades and got two in 15 minutes.

  2. Thatโ€™s how itโ€™s been for me lately, just when you think you are on to something and have a pattern you are wrong haha. I might get 1 bite on a jig and 1 on a finesse swim bait then 1 on a lipless. Itโ€™s definitely made me work my but off just to catch a limit.

  3. Just finished all of your videos they were awesome and educational. Only wish I could hide comments till the end. Reading it on the bottom in the beginning I knew only one good fish and got 4 other smaller ones to qualify. I hope 2023 tourneys rock!!!

  4. I've hit many of dead end& locked gates driving to boat ramps down here sense we moved to southern SC little over a year ago. I find them on Google Earth then drive & sometimes it doesn't work out. Always looking for new places & access points. Short time I've been here I've hit alot places exploring. SC bass fishing has been way better for me than southwest Ohio

  5. Is the net you have been using the frabill ultralight conservative net, with 48" handle net 18" x 21" x 16" deep?? Is it a collapsible handle? I've been admiring your net a long while & know u have talked about it before. Just wanted make sure I'm about order right size… Thanks & good luck in your tournaments hope you smoke everybody!

  6. do you know why the hydrilla is gone? because the stupid florida FWC is spraying/poisoning those lakes to death! its so sad and all for money. breaks my heart, and i wish more anglers would stand up and do something about it!

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