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In today’s video, I place 5 different fish traps in one of my tiny creek spots that holds TONS of species of aquarium fish like African cichlids! I ended up catching a RARE orange crawfish in a hidden tunnel, and brought it back to put into my fish tank!



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  1. Your videos are excellent and you do a great rescue job, but on this occasion it is a very bad idea to put those lobsters with a large group of aggressive fish. Very sad to see that sometimes you show your immaturity, only on some occasions.

  2. According to Google it's a difficult finding an orange crawfish is easy cuz they're probably just hang out other crawfish and it's easy for them to find it's just rare of how the genetics are made Infuse with the two mother and father to make this baby

  3. I have a white .blue lobster and 6 red crawfish all the crawfish is female the blue one is male. AND THE WHITE ONE IS A KILLER SHE LITTERALLY KILLED THE 6 OTHER CRAWFISHES and i didnt mention the blue one killed the white ones for protectoin

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