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Easy Cold Water Bass Fishing Pattern to Catch Fish All Day Long

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  1. love the 50 dollar reel johny. lews makes a hidden gem of a spinning reel that cost 29.99 i have several. super durable and haven't had any mechanical failures in the 6 or 7 years I been using them.

  2. You guys are fantastic. I'm enjoying the hell out of these videos. (and i'm catching more fish!) How about a video on a river? Moving water is fished differently than a lake and I'd be interested in seeing the different takes on presentations.

  3. I like this channel a lot, valuable information you give us here! Often times it improves my fishing success. I can't thank you enough. As usual I have two "dummy" question: When bass are migrating to deeper water towards winter do they stay around rock piles down in 30feet? Would they also use artificial rock piles like the big concrete blocks that are used to fix mooring buoys?

  4. Another great video, next time can you add someone from South Florida as fishing conditions here in the winter are unique and different from the rest of the country?

  5. Fantastic information I’m in Arkansas and fish the BFL going to fish full season this year thank you for all the information I’ll let you know how it goes

  6. Fantastic job of delivering this info. Jonny, I was wondering if the plan is still to produce a full size Versa Craw? I love the other two sizes so just curious. Loving this channel. Keep up the great work.

  7. This is great information, but I fish in Florida north Florida to be specific and it would be great if a Florida angler could comment on some of these on some videos when it comes to transition times.

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