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Early Spring Bass Fishing Ponds! (Fishing Fort Worth, Texas)

In this video I went out to my favorite pond just to see what the bass were doing. I was not sure if they were pre-spawn or making beds yet. I actually found quite a few big bass on beds. Spring bass fishing is always fun in Texas ponds! Hit the like button if you enjoyed the video! Comment what you want to see in future Texas bass fishing videos! Be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you won’t miss out on any future fishing videos! Tight Lines Y’all!


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  1. I was scanning YT for some fishing vid's on springtime Texas bass fishing when I spotted Fishing Fort Worth, Texas. Great video. I have been looking to find some spots to do some bass fishing from the bank. Great videos!!! Keep them coming!!!

  2. So what’s a good bait for bass that are sitting on bed like that? I been going to this pond and I seen them but was able to catch them like this 😅 great video!

  3. With fluorocarbon/monofilament, I started tying the San Diego Jam and became a believer when I successfully bank flipped a 9 lber the week I started using it (early February).

    I broke off a lot of good fish this winter with fluorocarbon + Palomar setting the hooks on jigs in laydowns in colder water.

    One I'm SURE was over 8.

    SDJ really absorbs shock on the hookset and basically the line never seems to cut into itself / is very difficult to tie wrong.

    Give it a try!

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