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Do THIS When Bass Are Busting!!!!

For many anglers, seeing bass busting on bait can be a headache when bass fishing. You would think those would be the easiest fish to catch, but many times those busting bass can be a lot harder to get in the boat than you would think! In this video, we’ll go over some methods and tips that anglers can use to turn those busting bass into bass in the boat! #fishing #bassfishing #fishingtips

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  1. I just love how happy she was catching that topwater fish. It makes me smile so much watching it. The whole reason why so many folks fish. Just total joy and happiness. What a great piece of footage you will always have.

  2. I have been doing good with the yamamoto yamatanuki. It is pricy but it sure does work .oh yea by the way Anything that has to do with the Dallas cowboys is going to suck !i bet you a Philadelphia eagles one would work great!

  3. I've had times when I see bass busting all around me and no matter what I can't get them to bite. Very aggravating! I never thought of using a fluke before. Makes sense.

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