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DO NOT make this MISTAKE when SWIMBAITING!!! (Best Rod for DRT Tiny Klash)

Buy the DRT Tiny Klash Folling this link:

Today we talk about the best swimbait rods for the drt tiny klash and drt klash 9! I have lost my fair share of giant bass but i have learned that there are rods that definitely make a difference when it comes to landing big bass! If you want a guide trip call 828-354-0250 or visit


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  1. That's some great information not normally shared. Thank you, I'm just starting this glide thing out and have a St Croix glass 7' 10" from years ago that seems to handle a 6th Sense glide okay. It's too dang heavy though.

  2. I just bought a Jenko Savant a few weeks ago and put a Daiwa Tatula 200HD on it. Makes for a very nice combo. Been keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a tiny klash and had to take you up on you’re offer. Thanks.

  3. One of my Favorite (small) swimbait rods is the new Shimano 7’3” SLX A swimbait rod. I use it for the Gantarel and Baitsanity gill. I fish from a kick boat and float tube. It’s allows for precise placement of the Bait if need be.

  4. Everything you said about the Dobyns fury 795 and 806 is spot on! I have both rods and the 806 is by far my favorite! It's affordable, well-made, and parabolic enough to keep fish pinned! I use my 806sb more than my Megabass Levante Leviathan F10-711LV which is twice the price of the fury swimbait model. Great Review!

  5. Actually it's not that you want the rod to bend when the fish shakes and pulls, you want the UNLOAD of the rod to be delayed, so that there is constant pressure on the hooks so there's less slack in the line, when the fish throws slack at you by jumping or throwing headshakes at you. If your rod is too fast, when the fish jumps and throws slack at you, the fast action rod springs back too quickly and actually allows the fish to put slack in your line.
    I also agree that the Dobyns 795 is a very good rod for those 1.5-3.5oz glides. It's also one of my favorite Alabama rig rods as well.

  6. I love your videos. You have so much passion for fishing you are not pushing a product at us because they sponsor you. It’s refreshing to watch someone who just loves fishing. I just ordered a TK from you my question is do I need to change out the hooks or are stock hooks Quality hooks? Thank you

  7. I just got my TKs from Mike Tuesday and I almost got around a 4-5lber from the bank at Bear Lake. I had three that were following it. I finally ran out of water and got hung on a tree but the big one almost came up and swiped it off the tree. He was coming in hot for sure.

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