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Did This Really Happen!?! Kayak Bass Fishing the Wolf River in Wisconsin

Unlock the secrets to navigating and fishing a river with strong current during the white bass spawn! Join me as I breakdown a kayak fishing tournament on the Wolf River near New London, Wisconsin. Discover the challenges faced, techniques, and strategies that will help you compete in a fiercely competitive bass fishing tournament. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, this in-depth guide provides valuable insights and practical tips to elevate your fishing game during the pre-spawn period on any strong current river system.

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About Shaun Ridder:
Shaun Ridder is a proud husband and father of one son and two dogs. He grew up outdoors in northern Wisconsin an avid smallmouth bass angler. He’s now a tournament kayak angler and digital media creator after spending nearly 20 years as a professional broadcaster & writer throughout the state of Wisconsin. His passion is to help teach and inspire others to take up outdoor hobbies. Showing outdoor pursuits are accessible to everyone. That is what this channel is all about. Encouragement through community and conservation.

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