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Dean Booker- Ray & Bass Fishing With Gareth Griffiths

In this episode, Dean meets up with his old pal Gareth to target fish on a mark they have fished many times. Join the two likely lads as they set up shop on this low water venue and have plenty of laughs along the way!


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  1. >>>>>>Here’s a list of the tackle you’ve seen Dean using in his videos! πŸ˜ƒ

    Penn Fathom Casting Special reel-

    Century T900 rod-

    Varivas Yellow Sport Mainline-

    Varivas Shock/Rig Nylon-

    Asso Classic Shockleader-

    Varivas Big Mouth Xtra Hooks-

    Varivas Catfish Hooks-

    Varivas Full Circle Hooks-

    Ian Golds Tripod-

    Seadra X3 Power Crane Swivels-

    Breakaway Imp Bait Clips-

    Tronixpro Seat Box-

    Dean also ties his own range of brilliant sea fishing rigs!
    Bookies Rigs-

    Something else you’re looking for? Find it here!

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