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DARE to EVOLVE – New ChatterBait Elite EVO

Among the top ChatterBait tacticians of our time, Stephen Browning rolls out the new ChatterBait Elite EVO with authority. Armed with a quick-starting ChatterBlade, a specially sculpted head for random, dramatic hunting action and the most advanced trailer keeper system to date, the new EVO offers an impressive suite of ChatterBait advantages. Meanwhile, a perfect bladed jig side-kick, the new ElaZtech ChatterSpike trailer injects extra dimensions of balance, movement and bass-talk to an already amazing lure.
Available: Oct. 2023


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  1. Chatterbait patent is expiring. Which means Evergreen can start selling their jackhammers in North America directly without the Zman patent tax soon. Which means 10 dollar Jackhammers.

  2. Havent caught one off my black blue flake its the first chatterbait i bought i noticed it work’s different than the others ive gotten in subscription boxes i also dont have any trailers in a matching color or color that would match well

  3. I met Mr. Browning last year at an MLF event on championship day. He was awesome. I became an instant fan of his. He is the nicest guy. I could not believe how personable and how down to earth he was.

  4. I would like to see the Hellraiser made stronger for saltwater fish. I saw a video of a guy using it for redfish and the second fish destroyed the lure.
    Z Man makes very innovative baits that can be great for saltwater fish if they're strong enough. Some super stout models of chatterbaits with a very strong line tie and hooks would be awesome too. Maybe a chatterbait blade that can be put on any jig would be cool.
    Do y'all need someone who invents new lures and can come up with new ideas all the time? I'm interested in making lures and I have some unique ideas for lures that don't exist. What I don't have is the backing or facility or distribution you have. We should collaborate.

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