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Comparing the Best Rods for BFS Fishing Bass Rods: Dobyns Sierra, Cashion Icon, Phenix Classic BFS

In this video, Comparing the Best Rods for BFS Fishing Bass Rods: Dobyns Sierra, Cashion Icon, Phenix Classic BFS, Hobie-Wan Kenobi discusses the new 7’1″ Phenix Classic BFS, Dobyns Sierra Series and Cashion Icon BFS bass focused rods and give pros and cons of each rod.

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Phenix Classic BFS 7’1″ Specs:
BFS-C 71
7′1″ Light
1 Piece
4-10 lb
3/32 – 1/4 oz (2.65 – 7gr)
Fuji Alconite guides

Cashion Icon BFS
7′ Light
1 Piece
2-8 lb
1/16 – 5/16

Dobyns Sierra Series Micro Casting
SUF 700C
7’0 Light Mod Action, Ex-Fast Tip
2-8 lb
1/16-5/16 oz

The anticipation and long wait are finally over. From the industry’s #1 ultra light rod manufacturer comes the Phenix “Classic BFS” rod series! Bait Finesse System (BFS) is a Japanese form of light line; light lure fishing for heavily pressured fisheries. The Classic BFS is built on a proprietary 36T Toray Carbon Fiber blank with a solid Carbon Tip section. This, combined with the Extra Fast action, leads to the most sensitive BFS rods on the market. Utilizing Fuji Micro Guides with Alconite inserts, a proprietary complete contact reel seat on the casting versions, and a Fuji VSS reel seat on the spinning versions, with quality Portuguese Cork grips, lends to a very JDM look and feel. Casting light lures from 3/32-1/4oz, or .88-7.39 grams on a 4-10lb line, has never been easier with the backbone to pull in larger-sized fish. Whether it’s trophy bass or trout, in heavily pressured waters where light line and small lures are necessary for success, go armed for battle with a Classic BFS rod.

The CR6r BFS blanks are designed with a fast-action blank, which is different from most BFS rods that offer a moderate-fast action. The fast-action blank allows the blank to load near the tip, which provides more accurate casting and allows your bait to stay in the strike zone longer. In addition, the fast action provides more power higher up the blank, which is needed for light power blanks to control and help play fish.

CR6r Blank Material Science:

Cashion Carbon Fiber fishing rod blanks are designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC. Cashion stands for American-Made, Material Science Technology, and the Craftsmen to build detailed-oriented carbon fiber fishing rod blanks. Cashion is obsessed with attention to detail and especially at the molecular level. Cashion carbon blank design has focused at the molecular level to utilize epoxies that excel at encapsulating and physically bonding to high performance carbon fiber.

● American-made blank and American sourced carbon fiber pre-preg
● Raw Finish CR6r blank for extreme sensitivity and durability
● Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) – AIB is a combination of mechanical and additive technology to create ultra high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix
● Proprietary Weight Reduction (PWR) Engineering – Novel reinforcing strategy to increase hoop strength but limit weight increase
● High Tg Epoxy (HTE) formulation with AIB – Novel epoxy with impressive mechanical properties and high modulus for increased blank sensitivity

ICON BFS Casting Rod Features:

● Specially engineered blank for finesse fishing with a baitcaster
● Fast action blank which provides fast responsive the blank for casting and reaction
● Handmade carbon fiber / fiberglass grip for a secure, durable, and dense grip to transmit even the most faint vibrations
● Micro guides for enhanced casting distance and increased accuracy
● Blank through reel seat design with direct blank contact for added sensitivity
● Ergonomic reel seat for all day casting comfort
● Best hook keeper design on the market. Engineered placement of hook keeper for fast lure hook up and removal

The Sierra Ultra Finesse or BFS casting rods are a new addition for 2021. This series was built strictly due to angler request and the growing popularity. Ultra-Light bass fishing has become very popular over the last few years and we have heard from our anglers to bring back an Ultra-Light Finesse casting rod designed to throw baits as light as 1/16th oz (1.5g) and using 2-8lb line to target bass, panfish, crappie and trout..

These models will be in lengths of 7′ and 7’4″ and will be one-piece models. These rods are very small in diameter and super lightweight. Be on the lookout for these at a Dobyns dealer this fall.


High modulus graphite blanks
Fuji Micro guides
Fuji reel seats
Kevlar wrapping
Balanced and splined blanks
Portugal cork – Split handle designs
Solid carbon tip sections


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  1. Thanks for putting this video out man. I'm actually in the market for getting another BFS rod. I was looking at the Icon. I have the 7'4 Dobyns and I really like Phenix rodI have a Elixir and it probably the best action and sensitivity out of any rod I ever put my hands on. So this video will really help in my decision 👍

  2. I had the Cashion L powered just arrive yesterday and I have a DWU for my 1st BFS setup. Any recommendations for bfs bass lures to throw on it first?

  3. Awesome video! Thanks for clarifying the difference between those 3 rods. I have the 6’10” Cashion on order. I inshore saltwater fish mainly and some bass. What’s your take on the TSU Fox Hunting long cast rod?

  4. Just the video I needed. The differences between all these rods seem so small but, hard to tell what exactly they are because people review one rod and not the others so, nothing is a direct comparison. This video helped a lot. Thanks

  5. Hobie-wan I love your videos man and you may have sold me on the Phoenix classic rod…although I don't exactly need another rod lol😂 I could use a small jig rod throwing like eurotackle soft plastics and stuff for trout and crappie in lakes and ponds. I've been using the jenko double down bfs rod and I like the rod but it's a bit wippy. What rod in your opinion would be the best rod to fish those small plastics in lake/pond settings. I'm talking sensitivity casting and overall a pleasure to fish….I might just get the 5'10UL legit design wild side rod lol.

  6. I recently picked up the Phenix 6’9 for my new Conquest BFS and love it for small swimbaits and other small plastics on jigs. I also have Major Craft Benkei UL and L rods I fish my old Aldebaran 16’s on and they are solid BFS rods.

  7. Let me tell ya one rod no one talks about but should is the legit design wild side rods. I have the wild side 6'4L bfs rod and its my favorite rod in the "L" power arena. Very sensitive has a beautiful bend stiff yet very flexible the whole rod will bend to play the fish and I just love fishing it. Super high quality, I got two more in different models with a couple more in mind for the future imo purely a work of art. Thanks for the video hobie-wan

  8. I love your videos man. Approachable solid information, no fluff. I have been living in your vid library prepping for a Trout trip to Colorado. Thank you!

  9. Surprisingly you don't review the Shimano 64LB BFS rod on your channel, plus you can't say that you only cover gears that is made in America, because some of your stuff/gears is mostly JDM too

  10. I have the 6'9" Phenix Classic BFS. I got specifically to target Panfish and it feels like a much more expensive rod in hand. I suggest checking out the Jenko Double Double BFS rod if you can find one. It's also good for Panfish, which is what I use my BFS gear for.

  11. I’ve been using an Abu Garcia Veritas 6’10 ML for years now. It’s probably not considered to be a true BFS rod but its done very well for me with both bass and trout. It’s rated to throw down to 1/8oz but I’m still able to cast 1/16oz jig heads fairly accurately when I have to.

  12. Nice comparison….I would choose the Phenix if I was currently on the market for a BFS rod. The less power the more BFS in my opinion. Nothing for heavy cover for sure but when fishing heavy cover maybe an at least ml powered rod would be better anyways. Would the phenix be capable casting e.g. a Ryuki Spearhead minnow (50s/50f or smaller)?

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