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Clam Bait Fishing for Some PORGY * SEA BASS * PUFFER FISH

Clam Bait Fishing for Some PORGY * SEA BASS * PUFFER FISH – Got some clams today and set out to do some clam bait fishing. What I like most about clam is all you need is a handful of sinkers, hooks, rod, and reel. Was quite nice out and the fish were willing to bite. Had all the sea bass I wanted with some nice puffer fish. Nice flurry of porgies came in and out and again. Nothing big and crazy but a nice steady bite. 2oz and 3oz sinkers did the trick with the #2 Gamakatsu Octopus bait hook with plain old 30lb monofilament fishing line.


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  1. Hi Jerry, You changed things up today by bridge fishing. The clam caught quite a variety of fish. The clam caught a lot of fish. Did you ever try using a piece of FishBites to one of your hooks? It may not be the best bait, but it will put scent in the water to attract fish. Take care and good luck, Mickey

  2. They sure kept you busy out there! I'm are they're doing a clean up on that bridge soon. Took much careless trash = can't fish here anymore after a while. Nice to see you mixing it up in the water. Always happy when the notification comes thru!

  3. Finally some porgy action. Small but promising. Maybe they’ll run into the cooler months.
    I’m going to hit the bridge this week , get back into action.
    Take care

  4. Hi Jerry just asking is that Cross Bay Bridge me I live on Staten Island what you gave me a couple of responses if you remember and I do pull-ups and every time I get the chance to cuz we got a mixed with porgies Lafayette sea robins we have like an aquarium out here

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