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Chatterbaits are simply one of the best bass lures than any bass fisherman can own!

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Chatterbaits have been around for a while now. but they continue to catch bass in all kinds of fisheries. Bladed jigs will catch bass in cold and hot water, around wood and grass, and they catch big bass.

With that being said, I have seen a lot of comments from people that say a chatterbait is extremely overrated and they don’t like it and in todays video I want to give you 3 tips to help you catch more bass on chatterbaits!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. I came of age with the chatterbait in 2018, fishing around Dublin Ohio. I accidentally caught a few fish in springtime and then I bought a jackhammer and used it until it became my confidence bait. Once I mastered some different retrieves everything changed. I would fish almost all night long with a jackhammer and be catching fish consistently. Consistently better fish in the 3-5 lb range.

  2. I use the big blade a lot. Found that when I caught a fish, the snap would come unsnapped during the fight. Never hat one spread open and never lost a fish because of it but it bothered the hell out of me that the snap was coming undone. What was happening was that when pulling on a fish, the blade lays down against that snap, and the very end of the wire is pushing against it. Or more correctly, the blade is pushing against the end of the wire snap. and it can push it to the point that it unsnaps. Simple solution. Take the snap off and turn it around, so that the side of the snap that can't come undone is what contacts the blade in that situation,
    This used to happen with the original, too, but the problem there was eliminated when Zman went to the wire with two twisted loops in place of the snap on the original.

  3. I never catch fish on a chatterbait I've given up I've tried over 200 bucks with of them dif colors trailers no more I catch more with a jig or swim jig.

  4. New to this bait, I use the original Chatterbait however the blade is cutting my leader line. I’ve lost 3 in the month I’ve been using it. I’ve retrieved one from the pond and the knot is still intact. What’s the problem here???

  5. Hello again…..I want to buy the Ark Randell Tharp rod for my Chatterbait fishing……do you recommend the fast tip rod or the Mod. Fast rod?. Right now I use a Abu Garcia MH 7'3" fast tip rod but I lose some good fish so I'm asking you what you use and why….. Thanks

  6. I love using the original the only thing I’m worried about is the longevity but I just lost the first one I got today after catching around 50 bass and pike on it so I feel like it lasted a decent amount of time for 5 bucks but I did have to replace the skirt once

  7. I like and use all the chatterbaits but my favorite by far is the crosseyez series, they are very weedless and I use the kvd blade minnow as a trailer. It creates a ton on action and when you rip it through the grass you better be hanging on because they will absolutely crush that bait. In the last 2 months I've caught 32 bass over 5lbs fishing this bait around grass pockets and cypress trees. In my opinion the jack hammer isn't worth the extra $6 because it's just not as weedless as the crosseyez chatterbait. Thanks for the tips Tyler, always appreciated for your expertise.

  8. I have a hard time keeping paint on the blades and once the paint comes off the bite seam to fade. Do you have any recommendations? For the price of a jackhammer you think the paint would stay on a little longer. I’ve tried nail polish but it don’t seam to last but a couple cast.

  9. Since this is a fairly recent video, I wanted to give a heads up that might benefit some of you. Yesterday 4/18/22, I was in Academy Sports in Winston-Salem and found Z-man chatterbaits for $1.12 each regular price $4.49. The regular $8.49 were $2.12. I don't know if all their stores do the same, but it's worth checking.

  10. I just recently got out for my first fish of 2022 because our fishing season just started and I was quite successful!
    Love your vids man! I always learn a little from every video you post! Also I would like your opinion on my newest video because I tested my new GoPro hero 10 for the first time!

  11. i know bladed jigs catch fish, so far ive only caught one on it, but i love these videos bc i really wanna figure them out. I see my friends slay on them. Thanks for the good tips!

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