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Catching MONSTER Bass in Florida PONDS (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we catch some monster bass in Florida ponds while bank fishing! This is the first episode of many on our Florida fishing journey. Have you ever went bass fishing at Florida ponds? Do you like pond fishing? Do you enjoy pond bass fishing? How often do you go bank fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / Florida bass fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the monster bass fishing videos / bank bass fishing videos. Now lets go catch some monster bass in Florida while bank fishing!


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  1. Wait hold up. After you said This place looks Juicy. The Dude says, This is where that 14.5 was caught…Then says NOT AT THIS POND. WTF!!! Was it caught here or not? Don't try to Fuck us Bro!

  2. Iโ€™ve lived right near Jupiter FL my whole life and canโ€™t find any nice pods UNLESS theyโ€™re in a Development or private gold course pods. And most pods I immediately get kicked out of by police, no cap. But glad you all could find em!!!

  3. Bro love the content! I played a bunch of baseball in Jupiter and Fort Myers in high school. Wish I was as big into fishing as I am now. Gotta experience the Florida bass here soon!

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