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Catching Big Bass On Big Swimbaits Is Too Much Fun!

What’s going on guys, finally back with another video and today, I have collected a handful of some cool catches that I got over the spring and early summer months! Catching them on the 86 Baits Doomrider, DRT Tiny Klash, DRT Klash 9, DRT Klash Frenzy and the Working Class Zero Citizen! Big swimbaits are such a fun way to catch bass!

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  1. I'm ecstatic to see a YouTube fisherman fishing without graphs! Everyone thinks I'm completely insane for having no fish finders on my ranger! Fishing off instinct and what you've learned about the water! Kudos to you my guy. Earned sub 👊🏽

  2. Great stuff, as always, Geoff. I enjoy watching anything that you put out, including those longer vids that are more discussion-based than strictly fish catches. Both are entertaining and have valuable information.

    That K9 setup, no lip / mode B?

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