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Catch 5X More Bass With THIS Tip!

Pond fishing is so much fun and very easy for anyone to access, but what if I told you there are 5 proven tips that can help you catch more bass from the bank!?

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Pond Tip 1
2:10 – Pond Tip 2
4:55 – Pond Tip 3
6:55 – Pond Tip 4
9:13 – Pond Tip 5


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  1. Great video, as usual!

    There is another method for depth finding that some might find easier or better than countdown. Nobody has mentioned it so I will.

    It works best on a calm day and in winter so there is less vegetation. But, it can work OK as long as it’s not too windy or weedy on the bottom. Maybe most appropriate for a pond you will revisit, not a one off.

    The setup is a bell sinker with a slip bobber above it, on a spinning rod & reel.

    You adjust it to the maximum depth you think you are throwing to. Say 10ft. Cast and let it fall. If it bobs straight up it’s deeper there. Reel in slowly until the bobber tips over. The sinker is on the bottom. At that point you know the depth is 10ft. You can continue to reel in if you think there is a shelf to see if it will drop off again (probably not in most ponds).

    Now it’s a rinse and repeat. You can adjust to 12ft and go back to the original spot. Or, adjust to 8 and throw to the spot where you know it’s at 10 ft and reel in to find 8. You can get a pretty decent idea of the contour along the line of retrieve in 5-6 casts. In an hour or so you can map out about 10 lines.

  2. The theory is sound about the backpack and carrying more gear but as you get older you’ll find less is more . Knowing your pond is the biggest thing to help you streamline your gear . 4 rods is the sweet spot for me pond fishing. Top , middle , bottom and finesse . All your bases are covered

  3. Hey Tyler just a question for pre spawn. So the 2 ponds I go to are just really weeds and mud but whenever I go their during prespawn/spawn the bass/perch has made craters in the mud for their nesting ground and whenever I cast over that specific shallow area I always catch the most fish (some big some small). How come the fish make craters for the nesting grounds? and why do they prefer shallow water then deep water? But really good video

  4. Great video. I upsized my bag from a bag that carried a single 3500 size box and 2/3 soft plastics to a bag that can handle a 3700 box plus a 3600 sized worm bag that I can carry 4-6 bags of plastics. I found I had to guess on conditions with the smaller bag and if I guessed wrong I found I wish I had 1/2back baits for the opposite condition. …. ModF is a bank anglers friend. M/modF, MH/modF covers everything I need in two rods for casting and then one spinning rod for finesse.

  5. Hats off to you Tyler, you hit it out of the park with this one. Apart from the quality that comes with every video you make, these are all tips that, as a pond angler on a budget, are not only helpful but I can actually put to use.

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