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California AQUEDUCT Striped Bass Fishing (umbrella rig)

So I decided to go back out to the aqueduct and try out an umbrella rig one of my coworkers told me about.

I went to Sportsman’s warehouse and grabbed an umbrella rig, 3 jig heads and a pack of 3″ Keitech white swim baits. After seeing everything together I was very doubtful.

Cast, after cast, after cast and FINALLY I got a bite! I casted up the current and let the rig sink freely till I reeled it in slowly. That’s when I finally felt pressure and sent the hook, and felt a tugg.

I was extremely shocked to see a Striped Bass attached to one of the 3″ Keitech swim baits. This striper basically swolled the entire bait till the hook got him at the top of his nose.

I will go back and use the same rig, with the same bits attached to it. So stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE for more videos to come🎣

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