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Burning This Swimbait In Shallow Water Catches Big Smallmouth Bass!

One of my favorite techniques is burning a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper in shallow water! Today, on one of the Great Lakes, we found a big rocky flat that the smallmouth bass were juiced up and destroying the Skinny Dipper!

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Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper:

Owner Twist Lock Hook:

Owner St 36 Red Treble:

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  1. Just subscribed
    I also made my first order last night from the store. MEGABASS city !!!! Awesome content looking to receive my order here in a few day’s. On’ em 🎣🎣😎😎🤘💪🔥

  2. Might have to start saving up for that Javelin rod. Been needing to upgrade to a legit reaction rig set-up for a while now. Great stuff, guys!

  3. Great video, I'm already missing the cooler weather.
    The Skinny Dipper has been working great this month, I've always had them but never knew their effectiveness for burning.

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