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Black Sea Bass Fishing – The Setup to catch your BIGGEST black sea bass. Part 1 of Black Sea Bass

Black sea bass are quickly becoming one of our favorite fish to catch here in New England. These fish are aggressive, put up a good fight, and are a healthy fishery to target. Getting a big black sea bass may mean some slight gear changes for you so we brought in Jack Sprengel to explain the gear he uses to bring in the big sea bass. For all of your Black Sea Bass needs visit us at


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  1. Great video but in my opinion this setup is overkill. I’ve caught plenty of 20+ inchers on a simple bucktail jig with a small piece of squid on it. I’ve even had Black Sea bass hit top water lures in early spring and mid fall when they are hungry enough. I find that 30-40 ft of water is the sweet spot for em, especially around a rock pile or a nice ledge. Tight lines boys

  2. This is a seriously undersubscribed channel. Your content is 🔥! I only started fishing in my mid 40s so you have no idea how helpful your content is to someone like me. Thanks, and please keep the videos coming.

  3. Great video very helpful. It is my wife and mine favorite fish to target and this helped a lot. Anyway you can be more specific on the rod length and lure capacity

  4. Wow! If I was new to fishing I would think catching sea bass is very complicated and expensive. Hooks, leader, sinkers, clam, go to wreck and catch. Done.

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