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BIG CHANGES? NEW VENUES? 2024 Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

Where are the Elite Bassmaster bass fishing anglers fishing in 2024? Are their new venues and big massive changes for 2024 and where the bass fishing tournaments will be held? Here is my take on the 2024 Bassmaster Elite schedule from a perspective of an avid bass fishing angler. Is it the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER? At the same places AGAIN? It’s not very creative and has MANY of the same fishing spots from around the country. And that is DISAPPOINTING!
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  1. The current BASS strategy is short sited. β€œGrowing” the sport will never happen going to the same places, I don’t care what they pay BASS. There aren’t any new fans at Guntersville, St. John’s, Hartwell, St. Lawrence, etc. BUT there are a lot of new fans at those places that have never had an elite series come to town (or rarely come to town). Places like Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, some of the lakes in North Carolina, places like Beaver lake, or yes even some west coast lakes. Sponsors drive the sport but fans grow the sport. Unfortunately, BASS hasn’t figured that out yet. They just cater to the Sponsors and the cities that keep paying them. That strategy will always work, it just won’t grow beyond what it is now.

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