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Big bass on Whopper Ploppers, before the rain!

The whopper Plopper is a big bass topwater! It will cover more water than any other topwater. It can be used in a little chop where other topwater fail!


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  1. I'm a kentucky poor man fisherman, using jawbone baitcasting combo w/2 pi rod 6'.6", $49.99 can't bet it. Just saying. Bank fishing rivers & creeks, catch and clean and cook hem.

  2. Great vid – enjoyed it. ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿฌ .. and folks are right… Lt. Dan moment 14:58 .. should have turned around and yelled 'You'll never take this ship!! ahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!'

  3. I am beyond excited to hear that this year's Bassmaster's Pro/Am will be held at your place! I'm qualified & ready for a great time fishing your home pond! I've been watching you with my Dad since I was a teenager! Hope to see you there!

  4. Roland my friend,โ€ฆ I need a favor. Could you please explain to this new generation and the fishing industry they run todayโ€ฆ The difference between a casting reel (offshore etc.) and a bait casting reel (bass etc.) before I completely lose my mind? LOL.

    Everywhere I look, people are calling them both bait casters. Itโ€™s driving me crazy.

  5. Not to many cats that like catching the biggest bass of the day like Roland.. he is kidding that dude saying I wish you would have caught it. Lol ..

  6. I literally went through some stuff like at the end in SC the other day. Was on dry land but the hail was literally the size of golf balls. Hopefully yโ€™all didnโ€™t have the hail we had. That would have mad a bad situation worse.

  7. Roland everyone that goes on these trips they are paying you to freaking kick their ass man you have so much experience if you say use a Whopper flopper just throw it anywhere on a cloudy day and walking back I'm putting my money that you're right and then I'm tossing a Whopper flopper and I'm walking it back so far I live in Southern California I have followed your instructions I have taught myself some new knots I've changed my line I've changed my rods everything I have followed your direction and guess what I've been catching freaking Bass big bass in Southern California give me a break if I can do it anybody can do it they just got to follow direction and so far so good Roland you're doing pretty good. I am a 51 year old white woman I go fishing by myself all the time cuz I totally love it I've loved it all my life I just love fishing ocean freshwater rivers lakes streams it doesn't matter if there's a body of water and I can find a way to climb in there to get to it I'm there I have like six or eight rods in my truck at all times at all times just in case there's a situation I need to be ready for.

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