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Big Bass on a Weedless Spoon- the Johnson Silver Minnow

One of my all-time favorite BIG bass baits. The how’s and why’s and some big bass are coming your way. Peace.

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  1. Iā€™m up in Northern Wisconsin and my best luck is with Silver and a white single grub tail. Or the Red & White with a White double tail Mister Twister. Some minor luck with Gold , and no luck with the black. Big Bass and 30ā€ Plus Pike zero in on the Silver Minnow like the Cows heading home to get milked. Hard Hits.

  2. They work all over, here on the salty side you have three colors, Gold for Redfish, and Silver for everything else. On the end of piers Spanish Mackerel LOVE em. Make sure to have a heavy leader, even wire strands. Oh yea the rusty color, which happens a lot here is for those that got away stories.

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