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Big Bass Fishing on the Mountains to Sea Trail –

****READ the description for MORE DETAILS (including gear used)
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05252323 I hiked a section of the Mountains to Sea trail where it follows the Haw and 1 creek.
Not a great day fishing but I caught a few fish and 1 nice one plus any day out Hiking and fishing is a great day. Also, this wwas where I learned to fish as a young boy. Enjoy.
Lures used-
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Gamakatsu 5/0 EWG Hook
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haw River
Haw River fishing


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  1. Mack, you have so many great spots. My younger brother introduced me to your videos and told me about the holy grail of fishing spots that you have recorded in a notebook. He dreams of that notebook being passed onto him. When we first moved to this area we searched YouTube for bowfin fishing, and without mentioning a location in our search, you were the first thing to pop up. Ever since, we’ve been tracking the spots in your videos and fishing them. Some of the spots have taken extensive google maps searches, but we find them. Keep it up Mack, love the videos.

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