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BIG BASS EAT FROGS || Kayaking Rock Cut state Park Illinois

Today As Iā€™m camping at Rock cut state park near Rockford Illinois. I decide to head out and toss the frog to catch some logs at pierce lake.

#fishing #gaming #geofishing

Happy Fishing



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  1. Another solid video as always. I've been hearing that they just reopened Chippewa campground after like 5 years. I need to get out there and wade for some smallies before its get too cold. Happy fishing!

  2. Excellent Video.
    You hit the mark on this one!
    Your ability to find fish and your lure presentation is spot on.
    You need (of have not already done so) keep a written journal on your Dailey conquests and experience. You need to then write a how to do it book.

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