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BIG BASS Caught from Kayak in Gator Infested Lake! Fishing Lake Waccamaw NC!!

In this video I take y’all to a gator infested lake to fish for big bass on my kayak! The lake of choice is Waccamaw. There are big bass as well as big gators. This lake also has gar fish, chain pickerel, all kinds of bream and bowfin! This was an adventure. I didn’t include every catch because I had to narrow the video time but the ones you do see are awesome! The kayak I’m fishing from is the Old Time Sportsman 106. This kayak is great! Enjoy the video and please remember to subscribe! #FishingWithGators #BigBass #KayakBassFishing

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  1. I live 3 minutes from the lake and grew up there fishing and swimming the creek u came out to is known as big creek and if u would have went to the right instead of the left (into the lake) there's a bridge we use to jump off of swimming and back in the day it was about 15 to 17 foot deep they redone the bridge so idk the depth now but there's some nice bass in here and that's a heck of a bass u caught.. enjoyed the video tho

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