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Winter fishing can be extremely tough, especially when you are dealing with cold and muddy water, but don’t be discouraged! Winter is the best time of the year to chase down Giant Bass, and while you may only be fishing for a few bites a day, those bites are generally more quality than they would be most other times of the year! In today’s video, I’m bringing you along with we in my kayak to pick apart a deep creek channel with a jig in hopes of connecting with a big one! We hope you enjoy today’s episode, if so, let us know by hitting the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you can keep up with all of our future fishing adventures! Thank you so much for watching and we will catch you on the next one!

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  1. I'm searching on the 6th Sense website for that jig you were using but don't see Hybrid jig listed in 1/4oz or is it a different model type? Trying to surprise my niece with one for her birthday.

  2. My best friend caught the biggest bass he's ever caught on a very cold day in a very muddy lake.Surprised the heck out of me,I didn't think we'd catch anything.Made me a firm believer in winter time fishing.

  3. Nice fish bud! Hey random question, you mentioned in another video once about something you put on your line and eyes to prevent from freezing, What do you use?

  4. C & J , –
    Do you have a barometer and other weather gauges to check on and record, which will give you a really good indication in relation to fishing etc!?!
    Also a rain guage!?!
    Catch some more!…
    !🎣 🐟🐠🐟🐠 🎣!

  5. Great vedio.you are a lucky man to fish year round on open water.us up my way 31 October if your lucky for striped bass.after that ice fishing all winter.but this year is a mild winter so fare.but yes nice fishin my friend.and don't tip that boat.it will be cold .I got true the ice a couple of time.on eel spearing underneath the ice and wax a happy camper to hit shore.stay safe and keep casting .will catch you on the next one.

  6. Is any of your neighbors interesting on selling their property the ones next door to you that last season got flooded out maybe they're interested on selling let me know Victor from Palmdale California 93591 and how's that baby doing ? Little CJ or JC you know me I'm just pushing for those names

  7. I dislike the way you just leave jay out of your event,I know that you’re all part of (6 senses ) and they’re your sponsors but I just dislike the way you just focus all of your information on six cents and what you’re using I like that part but the point is why are you leaving your wife out of the situation I know she’s pregnant and all that but that’s not an excuse you know are you gonna leave her at home when she has a kid and now you’re going to do all the filming and focusing on yourself and all the fishing you know or you gonna wait until the kids 34 years old before you can take him out fishing so that’s why talk about maybe six years out of your wife’s not fishing with you so your kid can grow up old enough to go fishing with their father while he takes all this year before she had the babies even born to focus in on your fishing and your focus on your needs not hers, I’m just feeling that you’re leaving her out of stuff. This just my opinion… please don’t take it wrong but just wanted to let you know that. Not too get in that kind of Rut?

  8. Every time you said "we", I'd start looking/listening for Jay, but alas… she was conspicuously absent, much to my dismay 😥
    Nothing against you Cole, but The vids are Always Better when team Blue Jay is on the field! 😊

  9. Good video, nice entertainment for me too. Hope Jay is feeling better today. When she started the last video with Sprite and saltine crackers that wasn't a good sign. Feel better Jay. Keep slapping those biggins Cole!

  10. Awesome video. What a great day of fishing. You found them in relatively short time. Three bass with those conditions you had a great trip. Congrats. Love and respect.

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