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Big Bass at Whitewater Lake!

I’m on a mission to catch a fish in every lake in Waukesha County! Subscribe to follow my journey!

Lakes Completed:
1. Little Muskego Lake
2. Big Muskego Lake
3. Bass Bay
4. Golden Lake
5. Culp’s Pond
6. Ashippun Lake
7. Beaver Lake
8 .Big Bend Pond
9. Forest Lake
10. Lake Denoon
11. Lower Genesee Lake
12. Middle Genesee Lake
13. Pine Lake
14. Pretty Lake
15. Silver Lake
16. Tamarack Lake
17. Upper Nemahbin Lake
18. Upper Oconomowoc Lake
19. Elm Grove Village Park
20. Woodfield Park
21. Morningstar Golf Course
22. Brook Park
23. Wray Park
24. Minooka Park
25. Muskego Park
26. Lower Nemahbin
27. Saratoga Lake 120 (Bethesda Lake)
28. Merton Millpond 26
29. Lower Nashotah Lake
30. Calhoun Park
31. Lamplighter Park
32. Upper Genesee Lake
33. Moose Lake
34. Lower Phantom Lake
35. Fowler Lake


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