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BFS Bass Fishing Era Baits Tiny Glide – Huerco FF500-5C Glass Rod and Shimano Calcutta Conquest Reel

BFS Bass Fishing Era Baits Tiny Glide – Huerco FF500-5C Glass Rod and Shimano Calcutta Conquest Reel. What a fun session throwing this slow sinking glide on BFS. Used Varivas 4 PE 0.8 Gou and Varivas Absolute MG Fluorocarbon 7lbs as leader. This is definitely a pond slaying tiny glide that catches multispecies

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  1. Been running this exact setup for a few months now, Huerco is definitely a sleeper brand. Just got back from a trip catching multiple smallies up to 16" on little 2g jigs. Love that this rod doesn't overpower little perch and sunnies. Been eyeing the new YS408 limited edition collab rod for trout season πŸ‘€

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