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BFL Super Tournament/Lake Of The Ozarks…Day 1 Tournament Report

Randy gives a rundown on how his first day went at the super tournament on lake of the Ozarks#bassmaster #catchandrelease #angler #fish #fishing #fishingtrip #fishinglife #fishingdaily


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  1. CEO's of just about any company can afford these homes and boats. This was one of the reason the autoworkers are striking. I believe the CEO of one of the big three makes 250 plus times per year what the average worker makes.

  2. Congrats on making the Regional. You will like Eufaula in Oklahoma. Lots of stained ares with creeks and targets to cast to. Squarebill, chatterbaits and jigs will be playing and in your wheelhouse.

  3. The rich folks I know are money managers and real estate people. They’ve convinced us that profits and stocks are worth more than people and houses are bought to profit from, not to live in. Greed feeds on greed.
    Glad you did well on the tourney!

  4. Money printing from the government which has ballooned asset prices to the moon. That's the only logical explanation. Great if your 50 plus and invested your money in stocks and real estate early. For those under 40 who started piling in decent amounts after 08 will have a much different retirement picture is my guess

  5. Hey Randy, that's pretty darn good!
    Stay on the docks pitchn' and flippn' just like Guido Hibbdon use to do! I used to Bass fish LOTO but I will almost do anything to avoid the place these days, and I have for the last 20 years!!! lol! My buddy had an off shore cruiser docked at big thunder on LOTO and that's the type of boat you need to run on any main lake with the hairy waves they've got down there.
    Avoid any main lake area if you want to save your lower back and to keep your butt on the seat.
    Good Luck Randy! You can do it!

  6. Lake O has a lot of CEO types from the trucking industry to big pharma, oil and food production. I have a friend that once worked in property management for that area. One of them big $500k houses is hers!

  7. Invest well.

    I put 30% of my income into my stock portfolio. I had thousands of shares of tech stocks (Apple, Alphabet, meta, Microsoft) inn the late 90’s, which paid off massively. That’s how the wife and I afford multiple homes, multiple boats, trucks, etc.

    I semi-retired at 40 (42 now), running my business from afar. The benefits of good monetary management.

  8. When viewing some of those McMansions on the lake with a floatplane or large cigarette boat moored next to the dock, my partner always use to say, "Just how many cocaine dealers can there be?"

  9. My sisters husband is a nurse may even be a doctor now butbthe money he has doesnt make sense ….8 rolex watches 5 suoer cars 2-3 houses its sickening always on vacation it seems i dunno im with u on that….i work im always poor

  10. There's a lot of 'Dot Com'ers' who made a ton of money off the internet . . . selling businesses etc. Also there's a lot of people who got into that crypto-currency and did the 'Pump & Dump' and walked away with a bunch of dough.

  11. Politicians can afford a 3 to 5 million dollar summer home and a million dollar boat. Most Washington DC politicians are multimillionaire’s on an annual salary of less than $200 K per year.

  12. Got friends like that family money passed on they own major commercial properties they rent store fromts to factory buildings the father bought buildings and property in the 50s he owned shipping harbor

  13. I know of a Plumber that works/lives at LOZ who said that you would be surprised at how many famous Ball players and people in the music industry there are who own high dollar homes at the lake. I also know of a fellow who won 250+ million playing Powerball who has a small shack there too.

  14. They get that money by making the regular employees make it FOR them!!! Hundreds of folks busting their asses on the floors of factories and warehouses, while the dozen or so that run those companies make bank while the floor folks barely squeeze by. This is why America’s style of government and economy will eventually fail. There won’t be anyone left to do the actual labor, manufacturing, and assembly. People flip burgers for more money than those who buy those burgers during lunch break make. A failing system, and the government is appearently cool with it.

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