BFL Super Tournament/Lake Of The Ozarks…Day 1 Practice Report

Randy, give us a rundown of his first practice day at the beach BFL super tournament.#bassmaster #catchandrelease #angler #fish #fishing #bass #bassfishing #fishingdaily #fishingtrip #fishinglife

Blaukat Solar bat sunglasses…

Lake map breakdowns…

Virtual lessons…

Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig…


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  1. Randy will you do a boat walkthrough so we can dream about what it’s like to fish a tournament? Also like if you’ve got a bass tracker/Jon boat/ kayak, would love to see what you’re fishing out of. Good luck on the tournament, thank you for sharing all your knowledge and passion.

  2. You better catch 12 pounds a day in this tournament and the Toyota. All you need is a top 15 in the Toyota to make that championship, and 12-13 pounds a day will do that

  3. Got on them pretty good last weekend out of Shawnee bend. Hit the big creeks with 3 arms. T rig Plum/June bug ol monster,shaky head rage bug,6th sense stroker crawl and speed crawl. Outside of docks on brush and big concrete blocks. Good luck Randy!!! 🐐

  4. Off subject here , but no more imaging should be allowed in any fishing on public waters. Just go fish and use your skills ! Tell me and the army against imaging why you just can't Flippin fish without it !

  5. Put your jig in your hand and don’t put it down , change your color options a lil bit more , experiment more with colors but don’t put the jig down , and also Good luck 🍀

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