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BEST Winter Smallmouth Baits (Cold Water Bass Fishing)

Winter fishing in ultra cold water can be one of the best times of year to catch GIANT Smallmouth! These are the BEST baits that I’ve found to catch winter time smallmouth!

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Finesse Swimbaits for BIG Smallmouth (Northern Michigan)

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  1. Good stuff Ben…why do you prefer the easy shiner over the fat impact..2.8 or 3.3.
    I have a hard time getting bit on easy shiner here..But im gonna try the AYU color..good tip
    I'm shocked no gold go to on overcast day..Its prime time blade bait season(44dg) here in NY..get those blade videos up asap..please..looking forward to it..

  2. Great Info!!!

    Love the 3" Pro Blue Red Pearl easy shinier on the Okashira screwhead for suspended fish over the spybait. I love the sungill color when slow dragging the 4" Easy shinier on the bottom, mimicking the perch.

  3. I'm going out to the St Joe river sometime over my 4 day weekend and I'm going to try out the blade bait from this month's box. I'm going to be beating the bank so I thought going to the dams would be a good start because of the oxygenated water, baitfish and then the turbines blowing water are typically warmer than the rest of the river

  4. Ben, honest opinion; do you think fishing from the bank this time of year is a waste of time? I still have to keep on fishing because fishing and not catching is better than not fishing at all, but damn it gets frustrating knowing I probably wont catch anymore fish till the ice is out. This is always the most difficult time of year for me; just about impossible to get bite from shore but still not cold enough for the water to ice up to go ice fishing…

  5. So I went out Sunday and hooked one smallie . 3.2lbs ,I guess better then nothing . The water temps where 44-49. Due to your confidence in the blades I went out purchased a few silver ,gold,and painted white . O did forget the chartruse . So the easy shiners are 4in baits I believe , what size hooks are on those swim bait heads ? 3/0? Here in upstate NY Rochester to be specific I am like a 5min drive from Lake Ontario but I fish the fingerlakes mostly . The one I fish the most is super deep and very clear . The fish are in about 30-50ft of water I was marking them is the 5/8 oz still a good weight to use . Sorry for all the questions but nice to find a channel that i can relate to the type of fishing your doing . Most other channels the bodies of water are not as deep or the visibility is different and their fishing more Largemouth and Smallmouth even though I do fish both species so I appreciate you going strictly Smallmouth very relatable sorry for the long comment as well again

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