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Best Way To Catch Big Spawning Bass From The Bank!!!!

The season for spawning bass has arrived and in this video I use a chatterbait to catch those big bass from the bank.

It is the spawn season here in South Africa and all the bass fisherman wanna go out and catch these giant bass to break there new personal best.

Today I go to my local bass fishing pond called GNU Valley to catch some bass. Little did I know that the bass are already on there nests guarding or getting ready to spawn. The day started off for me using a top water frog, throwing it around in the shallow water to entice a big bass to bite. This was a successful stratagy for and I caught really good bass and I lost one. I moved from the topwater and started throwing around the chatterbait and at first the bass weren’t interested in the bait since it was still early and the bass might have been to cold to chase.

As you guys all know GNU valley is a great pond to throw around a weightless stick, So I did that exact thing and started targeting the bass that are not as active in the water columns. As soon as I started moving around the dam I noticed that the bass has moved up on there nests for spawn. I started targeting the nest to catch those bass. The weightless stick bait crushed the bass due to its subtle fall rate. I also threw that stick bait as a wacky rig and It wasn’t as successful since i only caught one.

Through out the day the sun started getting higher so the bass started hiding in those reeds along the bank, this was time for that flipping rig to come out and catch some bass. I used a craw style bait through the course of my flipping mission and I caught one.

About mid day the wind picked up and it made it really difficult to fish those texas rig, wacky rigs and weightless worms. So i picked up that chatterbait and started beating the bank and just winding the chatterbait past those nest that I have seen. This worked really well due to the increase oxygen being pushed into the pond and it got the bass all fired up to eat that chatterbait. Early in the morning I saw a giant bass sitting at the end of the dam and this was my mission from the minute I saw it to catch it. This didn’t work with the current trailer that was on the chatterbait. It was to natural and it was to plain for that bass to eat. This is where the Berkley power Stinger came into play. It was a white trailer that was vibrant in colour and this got the bass even more angry and more willing to bite.

The white power stinger was the key to catching that big bass. That change in color made all the difference. Spawning bass can be tricky to catch but if you persist and make changes to your baits they will take your lure. This day out at GNU Valley was a worth while trip for me and other that where fishing the dam.

Tackle Cabin Will Get Stock Soon!!!!!!

Gear Used For The Day:

Frogging Set Up:

Chatterbait Set Up:

Weightless Stick Bait Set Up:

Wacky Rig Set Up:

Flipping Set Up:

Lures and Terminal Tackle:


Chatterbait & Trailer:

Weightless Stick Bait:

Wacky Rig:



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