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Best Pond Bass fishing lure – How to fish a Wacky Worm

Best Pond Bass fishing lure – How to fish a Wacky Worm

The first thing is to deliver the worm to the water as softly as possible. I prefer to pitch. Then comes the hardest and most important part, being patient and letting the worm sink while watching the line. If the line jumps, moves in a side direction, or shoots away, set the hook because that’s a bass. Although if your line slowly falls on the top of the water its normal, then just give a few twitches and repeat till its at your feet. When you get a bite reel down till your feel the weight of the fish then liftyour rod straight up. DO NOT set the hook as hard as you can or you’ll break your line. Sometimes the bass need a few extra seconds to get the bait in theyre mouth but dont wait too long or he may swallow your hook. If this happens please cut your line. The fish can survive with a hook in its digestive track IF you dont pull on the line.

Rod- 7ft medium power
Reel- perferably any spinning reel
Line- 8lb mono or 10-20lb braid w/ leader(NO FLOUROCARBON)
Hook-1/0 finesse wide gap
Worm- trick/finesse worm or senkos

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