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Bed Fishing Big Smallies With Underwater Camera!

Big spring time smallies on beds! This footage is from last May in Minnesota but the spawn is already happening in warmer parts of the country!

Gear used:

Rod: St Croix LT 5’10” M XF

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo MGX 20

Line: 12lb Trilene Sensation

Lure: Nikko Zaza 6″ bass worm – junebug/club tail

Hooks: VMC #2 Neko

Weight: VMC 3/32oz Neko

Net: Frabill #3672

Pliers: Umpqua Rivergrip


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  1. To those concerned that this kind of fishing i.e. "bed fishing" has a negative affect, rest assured; that's simply not true. Smallmouth [and other fish species], have an inherent ability to deal with adversity on multiple fronts for one simple reason; God designed/created them. That includes this planet and us as well.

  2. I kinda jumped around in the video a bit so i'm not sure whether you mentioned it or not, but i don't believe these fish are "feeding." specifically, in my experience, they WOULD NOT eat whatever enters the bed. they are simply protecting. when i have done this the fish took the bait to deeper water, dropped it, and then returned to the bed. i did this, and did this, and did this over and over just to study the phenomena. finally, of course, i sent him the news and enjoyed the fight! its probably the greatest dance with nature that i will ever experience. great video, amigo!

  3. I really appreciate how you addressed the very legitimate concerns about bed fishing and explained your very well-reasoned rationale for continuing to do release-fishing there. Cool underwater footage!

  4. I don't think people know the amount of work that goes into these videos. You should do a video of your editing process, what programs, operating system you use. Just the step by step process of the video from your filming to uploading would be awesome to see. Great vids btw.

  5. Just wondering if I sent you some homemade hair jigs would you fish them on a video? I make hair jigs with bucktail and sheep hair 1/4 oz yellow red orange pink green bucktail and black and white sheep’s hair

  6. Was looking to order some of the hellgramites you’ve thrown in past videos. I think you said they were made in China. Could you let me know the name of the company who makes them? Thanks, love the videos bud.

  7. This is the coolest fishing video I've ever seen! Those underwater views are amazing and your editing is on point. I especially appreciate how you take the time to show us the fishes coloration and patterns. Very well excecuted!

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