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I was hooked up with a Megabass Sleeper Gill which I was excited to try out so today’s video is a change of pace from the typical ultralight stuff I have been doing. I also had a Megabass Magdraft 6″ rigged up – this swimbait is so much fun to fish with. I especially like skipping it!

Megabass Sleeper Gill:
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Megabass Magdraft:

Shout out to Discount Tackle for hooking me up with the Sleeper Gill. I feel like a total doofus for losing it on the first trip. I still think it was a Pike that ate that, but who honestly knows. Either way, from what I can tell, the Sleeper Gill is a pretty cool bait. I personally think it will be at its best around the spawn. Prespawn fish might smash it, but postspawn fish that are hanging by bluegill beds will likely destroy it. I like that it is weedless and can basically be fished like a jig.

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More ultralight videos to come… However I might just get that Magdraft out again soon. That was fun!

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  1. Definitely not snagless. That dorsal fin is so soft, just like with the Dark Sleeper, it doesn’t do much. Most of the time I just cut off the dorsal.

  2. only thing i dont like about this bait is how it falls. if you watch it fall it looks way too dead, and it lays on its side on the bottom. everything else is great though and ive nailed some chunkers on it already with a slow retrieve near any kind of weed line or cover like a dock line etc.

  3. (( 🕷️ ))
    fantastic video and fantastic fish catching as well. this lure or jig looks so amazing and there's no question about it.
    You should give a try those lunkerhunt phantom spider jigs. They're really big and they really do look like spiders great detail on them and you have Bass, walleye, northern pike, muskies even a big perch we'll tear them up.

  4. I lost a 20 inch cutthroat on Wednesday. Saturday night ,after picking up a Okuma ceymar the 1000 bait feeder, caught it again, fly still in its mouth. Fumbling for my phone to prove it , the fish gets away again. Then today someone else has bush wacked a huge opening. My honey hole is getting pressure now

  5. Been playing with the Berkley Gilly this year in the bluegill swimbait category. Mixed results. A bit finicky to rig, but a good option to pull through weedy pockets.

  6. Snagless? Heh. Give me five minutes with it and some open water. Snagging snagless/weedless lures is my super power.

    I feel you though. I refuse to spend more than a couple bucks on a lure, because I lose stuff pretty much every time I got out. The lake I fish pretty much has two whole paychecks sitting in it.

  7. Ethan you lost the sleeper gill before I was done with a couple slices. Seemed to work have to try one from the bank though to see if I loose them as easy as the dark sleeper! Asian Portal has a lot of the sleeper gills if you can’t wait!

  8. Hey Love the Channel bro and all the knowledge I have been taught Watching all your content!! I have recently started to fish for Pike here in Mew Mexico I’ve landed One Two pounder so far on a Zman CrosseyeZ chatterbait I have to ask What type of line (leader) besides steel leaders are best?? For landing them bad boys

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