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Bass Fishing with LiveScope Plus!! Full-Screen LiveScope Footage!!! Lake Claiborne – Trip #6 2023

Amazing footage of deep-water bass/hybrids being caught with Full-Screen LiveScope Plus footage throughout the video!

These are hybrids/stripers/wipers with the biggest of the day coming in at over 8lbs!!!

Also have a few crappie catches in the video showing thousands of crappie stacked up in the deep water!!!

My LiveScope Settings:

HD LiveScope recording

LVS34 LiveScope Plus, Garmin LiveScope

If you’re new to LiveScope or need help understanding what you’re seeing on the screen please check out the below video first. It’s a quick 2 minute crash-course on how to spot the jig/fish:

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  1. I usually catch them at the Claiborne spillway. I live about 20 minutes from there. I just got my livescope, so maybe I'll start targeting them on the big lake. They also love a white bait with a red head. Either swim bait, jig, or rattle trap.

  2. New to your channel, I’m looking into getting my echo map 2.0 soon and livescope some time after. I enjoyed watching this video, it really does excite me to see what I can experience one day.

  3. You’ve messed up now. I know exactly where you are. 😂 you’re going to make me chase these jokers next year and forget about Darbonne! I will absolutely throw an A rig at them. Haha

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