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BASS fishing with live whiting sea fishing uk live bait fishing

BASS fishing with live whiting sea fishing uk

out om a mates boat live baiting for big bass .


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  1. Dude the camera view is 10x better now. Not sure if you got my message about the chest camera view being really poor or you just switched it on your own but it doesn’t matter. The view is way better now. πŸ‘

  2. Not sure what I've been looking at but the adverts that always come up with your vids are for some camera thing and roller skating? i'm 6'5" and 22 stone? Can you imagine me roller skating?

  3. Had 4 schooly and my first smooth hound Saturday Sunday morning at Shakespeare’s beach all on lug had sticky blacks squid sand eel blues but we all caught on lug but good video fella top stuff

  4. Well done on the cracking bass, very nice. Smoothounds seem to like lugworm at the moment, I landed a 12-14lb er at Reculver on Tuesday evening on a bunch of lug, nearly pulled the rod in. Unfortunately it broke the snood after I beached it so no photo. Weed was horrendous though.

  5. Great vid mate. Looking forward to the next one. Been meaning to ask.. do Medway Tackle ship across the whole of the UK or is it just in the Kent region? After a few bits but not entirely sure just how far they deliver to? Cheers again and cracking bass. Would be over the moon to get one half that big haha

  6. Oi Oi matey crackin day on boat gotta say im'a lil jealous esp for the big bold beautiful bass my absolute favourite eating & dam pretty guud scrapper too Keep em coming plz !!!
    Oh just like to know, if ya don't mind, how ya do ur bass for the plate im'a self taught chefffff ha lol πŸ˜† mine is or at least 1of em has got to be deep fried, OR baked simply !! Cheers 🍻 doods n thanks gr8 vid YEAH just keep that way πŸ‘ πŸ˜€

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