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Bass Fishing With Live Crawfish

Folks, today I show you my way of rigging up live crawfish for some big bass! The way I rig my crawfish, doesn’t hurt them so it keeps them alive longer and also allows them to move freely and naturally. If you want to catch some big bass, give live crawfish a try, and try rigging them up like I show you in the video to get the most out of them. Thank you for watching, and remember, go fishin when ye can… cause its goooooood fer ye! Have a good ern and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. You know mr. Richard my daddy was from Tennessee. Memphis to be exact. But y'all pronounce boy same way. Cuz when I was growing up my dad called me boy but he pronounced it bo-wah… Just like you.

  2. You know that's funny mr. Richard when you say it's clean fun it is clean fun and it's real it ain't no internet false fantasy crap fishin is real fishin is real huntin real like a lil boxing with the gloves on I'm not trying to preach or nothing but if you ask me too many people are lost in that fantasy internet world when they should be out in nature doing will you call clean fun and when I call just living I mean living the dream man I go fishing at least a couple times a month you know whenever I got whenever I got gas I go fishing you know what I mean when I can get some work to get gas money to go fishing I go fishing and I'll tell you what man life is always better when you fishing life is better when you got a wet line life is better when you going fishing cuz it's good for you woo woo woo

  3. New Sub here! Been watching your vids a few days now and you wouldn't get off my recommendations lol. Very nice tips I was slaying some spotted and largemouth bass out the neches river in texas a few weeks ago on cork and live shiners!

  4. I learn so much from this channel. I was told all of my life that you can't catch anything on a hardshell crawdad. Are they no rocks in Tennessee rivers? The New river is full of them.

  5. Hey Man! Jerry from Olive Branch, Ms. here! I love watching you catch those spotted Bass! When I was in my 30's , Me and a good friend of mine that's gone now used to go to Lewis Smith reservoir outside of Jasper , Alabama every year and stay in my camper about 4 nights and fish for spotted Bass. I don't know why , but after he caught a 6 lb 12 oz. Spot and had him mounted , we stopped going every year. That was so much fun , cause they fight like a river smallmouth ! I've got another great lake that I've been looking at and watching some good videos about! Bay Springs Lake over in Tishimingo county , Mississippi right on the Alabama line is know for having all 5 species of Bass living in that deep cold clear Tennessee river water! There lots of schools of nice Crappie there also. This Lake is fed by the Yellow Creek that comes off the Tennessee River up ther right below Pick Wick Dam and runs on down there to the Jaime Whitten Lock and Dam at Bay Springs Lake in Tishimingo State Park!!! They say they have a nice big campground right on the Lake and a put in right there close. I don't remember what time of year that they sell a bucket of crawfish for not much money , but I would pay for it anyway! We could meet down at Bay springs campground and you could go in your boat and I could go in mine and find a buch of nice spotted bass or Hybrids maybe in a school and rig us some of those double swim baits and catch us some of those big hybrid saltwater bass living in that deep cold Tennessee River water! Bring Elmer , I know we'd have some fun!!! I have sleeping quarters that's a king bed and a pull out couch Queen sleeper . Nice bathroom , Walk-in shower and very nice kitchen. Bring the wife or one of your son's and we'll all have a good time. I can't wait to catch one of those nice spots again. Might have to let him go and send his measurements and photo off to someone who does some good artificial mounts. Later,Man !!! Thanks for the fun videos, Jerry

  6. So thankful for your videos!! I just subscribed yesterday. Also, thankful that you teach people how to fish! Plus you show people that you don't always need a boat to catch fish!!!! Appreciate you very much!!!!

  7. Been fishing 10 to 11 foot crappie rods for years. if anyone hasn't tried it , you absolutely should. Every situation has an ideal pole, but these long boys find their way into your rotation quickly.

  8. I appreciate seeing how carefully you release fish. I was watching a crappie masters tournament and one man didn't like his fish so he threw it over his shoulder in disdain. The fish wasn't hurt but I thought it showed bad sportsmanship.

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