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Bass Fishing Weiss Lake (after Trying Crappie!))

We are visiting Tammy’s family in Cedartown Georgia so I am using my Excel Aluminum Boat to fish on Lake Weiss in Alabama. I know it is a good crappie lake but after two days of striking out I ended up fishing for bass today. I used a carloina rig with a gourd green Zoom worm and did pretty well. The lake level was dropping but the water temps are in the upper 50’s. #Lakeweissfishing, #lakeweiss, #weisslakecrappie, #weisslakebass


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  1. Hello from Lexington, North Carolina!❤️. It seemed quite peaceful there. You caught some beauties, bet they thought they were "what's for dinner tonight" till you threw them back and made them happy 😊

  2. Chris with the Bill Dance Vibes Reeling in that Big Crappie 🎣🏞️
    Send my prayers 🙏 for Miss Tammy and the family and you too Mr Chris 😊🙏💕🇺🇲🎗️
    Y'all take care

  3. Hi Chris so glad you've been able to go fishing while on your little vacation🐟🎣 maybe you should have brought Tammy along cause she likes fishing 🎣 I remember last year Tammy went with you fishing and she kept catching all the fish 🐟🎣 When you get home you and Paul can make up your regular fishing time you lost…But some of those fish were really nice 🐟🐟🐟Praying You and Tammy have Safe travels home 🙏God Bless LuvYa! Bye

  4. Hi Chris!! You didn’t have the “crappie master “ with you that’s why you couldn’t catch crappie😁 but you did catch some nice fish & a great scenery on your 3rd day. Sunrise & sky view that day just gorgeous!!!

  5. Glad u r in my neighborhood!! U will catch fish since u r an acid fisherman. It's too bad Paul couldnt be with u. He would love catching all those fish. Good fishing Chris!!

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