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Bass Fishing Tips for Pressured Ponds

If you’ve ever found a juicy pond. You’ll know that people will leave trash, they’ll fish it hard, and the fishery loses some value. However there are still good fish in there. If you change up what you throw, then you can still catch them well enough to have a fun day. Whether that is throwing something weightless. Something smaller. Sometimes even something just a completely different color than typical. Those few tricks can be enough to get some solid bites.


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  1. love your videos so much fore now i have to live threw you guys when your fishing and making videos i have a channel but till i get better frome these health issues that took me away frome filming outside at the water and keeping me in the house i tried to get out today but got weack it was a no go getting better is slow going i am loosing chances at getting more subscribers and getting out content i wanted to hit my first 50 subscribers by now i need 5 more thanks fore the video felt like i was there love to you and your family frome fishing with paul @paulbohn1971 you have a good night

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