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Bass every cast with a 9.75 Lb

Fishing a new lake with a 5″ senko and moving water. Hurricane Ian put a lot of water in all the canals, ponds and lakes of central Florida. The bass are really bitting!


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  1. Hi, so when you said 69 half degree temperature, is it more suitable to use top water lure? Then, what about warmest temperature something like 80 to 90 degree temperature? Should I use sinking lure for that?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I learn something new with every Roland Marting video. Now I'm looking for spots where current pushes water under grass cover and lily pads. What a toad… 10 pounder!

  3. my biggest bass ever was 10 pounds caught in goose pond Scottsboro, Al March 2010. Caught it on a dark green plastic lizard, it bit about 5 feet from the shore next to a log. As I was reeling it in, I was saying…God please let me have it! God, please let me have it! I held it up and screamed as loud as I could! Roland catches huge fish almost every time he fishes.

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