Bait Review! Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait

In this bait review we take a look at the pros and cons of the Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait.

1) Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait –
2) Berkley Fusion 19 Weedless Weighted Wacky Hook –
3) Berkley Fusion 19 Drop Shot Hook –
4) Decoy Worm Holder Spring –

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  1. I would love to cast those around where the fresh and saltwater mix in the Everglades area. I bet a lot of different species would hit those. And I wonder how they'd do in Lake Norman. I recently got a Sleeper Gill but only tried it for a little while and no luck. It looks good in the water. Maybe I'll try the Berkeley version too.

  2. Im struggling with getting it to swim straight. Thanks for this video. I’ve tried it on a ringed 2/0 ewg both angles. I can’t seem to get it swim completely vertical. I’ll have to try the weighted wacky hook and drop shot after that.

  3. Add a bb or split shot in the hollow top cavity if you want to make it sink for deeper with the straw as a line through

    Also add a foam ear plug in same cavity to make it wake as topwater

  4. I like the wacky hook idea but go check out Ikes video on this bait and he goes over proper rigging that makes this bait work correct. They literally tested this bait with certain style hooks and certain rigging to make it swim properly. BassFishingHQ has a good video also on proper rigging of the Gilly.

  5. I have yet to try this bait. But I am looking to try more med/larger swimbait presentations in 2023+. I like your weighted wacky rig hook. I see Ike did a side 2#/3#/4# EWG with O ring side weedless hook trick. I will try both of your hook techniques. Thanks for the video Matt!

  6. Thank you for putting this video together. I got some of these last weekend after my mega bass sleeper gill finally lost the paddle tail. I tried Texas rigging them and I couldn’t get them to swim upright properly. I didn’t think about using some of my nail weights. This weekend I’ll try them again with a swim jig head. I had also though of using them as a chatter bait trailer.
    I do like that they are cheaper per bait then the mega bass sleeper gill. I am sure once I get the rigging figured out they will preform as good or better then the mega bass sleeper gill.

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