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Back Bay Topwater Fishing For Striped Bass!

Back in April Rhode Island had a big push of schoolie stripers move in that were feeding heavy on the surface. We fished in some rainy conditions and found bass blitzing on the surface in a feeding frenzy, thanks for watching!

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โ–ฌโ–ฌGear I Useโ–ฌโ–ฌ
Rod: Okuma SRT Inshore Elite – https://shrsl.com/2x5xw
Reel: Okuma Salina Spinning Reel 4000 – https://shrsl.com/3wafv
Camera: Go Pro Hero 10 – https://amzn.to/3BDlvQE
Leader: 40 Pound Soft Steel Fluorocarbon Leader – https://shrsl.com/3wr9e
Mainline: 30 Pound Soft Steel Braid – https://shrsl.com/3wr9g

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  1. What's up Johnny ? Dude great video and awesome kayak , is that OT 132 kayak ? I ask cause I own a 132 myself and during your video I listened to you pedaling the drive. It sounded a little loud then normal .. I wish someone gave me the heads up about a problem that OT pedal drives have. Make sure to check for any little play on your prop.. What I mean is play as in and out play like shaft movement even though nut is tight. Old Town pedal drives (pinion gear) comes loose and without warning shaft and prop fall off… Old Town does not have replacement of shaft. I was out of warranty but they did right by me after crying for mercy.. if you have any questions about this I respond .

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