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Arizona April Bass Fishing Report

Arizona April bass fishing report. Lakes discussed include Roosevelt, Saguaro, Canyon, Pleasant, Apache, Alamo, Bartlett, and Havasu.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Sounds like this year year will be an epic spawn that will bring AZ fishing back to what it was in the late 90's early 00's in the next few years.

  2. Was at Pleasant this morning. Carp were everywhere going crazy busting out of the water and thrashing around in the shallows. Seemed to have pushed all the bass into deeper water. Caught 1 5lb female in about 10ft, nothing shallow.

  3. I went to sag this morning 2 bass in 3 hours water had alot of debris and temp was 55 degrees very slow was hoping the temp was higher looks like they pumped alot of water in the last couple days.

  4. Thank you for the report! Always good. I was at Saguaro Monday 4/10 and didn't catch a thing. Nor did I see others around me. I saw Daniel Elias video posted yesterday and he and his co-angler were catch tanks and a lot of fish. What gives?

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