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Are Expensive Swimbaits Really Worth The Money?

For me, when it comes down to throwing swimbaits, I like having the best quality items when it comes to chasing giant fish, it makes me feel more confident and safe for chasing such fish! To some, it is ridiculous, but to me, it’s worth every penny!

Check out the bait makers!:

Roman Made’s Channel –

Andrew Hinkle –

Mike Gilbert/Working Class Zero –

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Check out Kwe:


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  1. This was a fun video to watch- good job. As a big Bait enthusiast myself, I clearly see the difference. Hand crafted items always cost more ,and in general, are of the highest quality….and the attention to detail (both design and mfr)..gets you a top performing bait. I also see them as works of art in themselves. Sure it’s tough to cough up big bucks for a top bait…but once you own it…you’re glad you did. That’s just me, not everyone will agree but it is definitely fun to see a range of baits as you’ve presented here. I’m a new sub and look forward to more content like this. Great job, and thank you again!!

  2. roman made mother is 100% not worth that money. so many baits that are just as good and so much cheaper. pretty much the same thing as buying a supreme white tee for 500 bucks.

  3. why didn't you talk about the DRT baits? Factory, plastic, mass produced, multiple people. Unavailable for MSRP going for 3,4,5 X that resale. WTF? I heard DRT is doing this on purpose. Do you think the is true?

  4. I throw the $20 Savage big glides. The trebels are stout and sharp. Good bait for only 20 bucks. Ive had a couple duds that either sank too fast or just didnt swim quit right, but the 8" baby bass has always worked for me, never had a bad one in that style and caught many bass on it. Id kick myself in the nuts if I paid $400 for a swimbait, I dont care how well hand made they are.

  5. Great video and info, I can understand the smaller bait but the larger ones most fish would get away as fast as they can. I think you limit what you catch when you use the ones that are massive. I'm sure you catch fish with them but it has to be a huge fish to go after them. We all want to catch a fish the size of a boat, but in reality how many of those fish are out there I enjoy your videos, I am just giving the view from a different angle.

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